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Member of Parliament
for Amethi
Assumed office
17 May 2004
Preceded by Sonia Gandhi
Vice President
Indian National Congress
Assumed office
19 January 2013
President Sonia Gandhi
Indian Youth Congress
Assumed office
Sep 25 2007
Preceded by Office established
National Students Union of India
Assumed office
Sep 25 2007
Preceded by Office established
General Secretary
Indian National Congress
In office
Sep 25 2007 – 19 January 2013
President Sonia Gandhi
Personal details
Born (1970-06-19) 19 June 1970 (age 43)
New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Political party Indian National Congress
Residence New Delhi, India
Alma mater Rollins College (B.A.)
Trinity College (M.A.)
University of Cambridge
Website [1]
As of 16 March, 2013

Pappu Most people believe that Bofors, Bhopal Gas Tragedy and 1984 Sikh massacre were the extent and peak of harms a certain Prime Minister did to the nation, however they fail to realize that he might have made a mistake graver than all this, the results of which were seen on 19th June 1970 and the nation is yet to see the outcome of that. To the grave misfortune of the nation, the Pappu-saga began that day.

Family History and Education

Political career

Pappu Gyaan

"Politics is everywhere, it's in your shirt, it's in your pants"
"Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom"
"India is bigger than Europe and United States put together"
"Poverty is a State of Mind, if you have confidence, you will overcome it" best wedding dresses replica swiss watches
"Agar desh ko badlna hai, toh pahle Gujarat ko badlo…...maine galti se Gujarat bol diya Bihar ki bajaye" - Pappu in Bihar
"I have lost it" - Pappu's confession at CII and his take on Life in general
"Stop asking your politicians how they're gonna do it, and start asking yourself how you're gonna do it"
“Let me ask YOU the same question, how would YOU do it?”
"10 out of 7 youths in Punjab have a drug problem"
"Rani ki Jhansi, she is a hero" - Pappu at CII
"Doing Yoga in New York, dancing around....that's Indian power" - Pappu at CII
"How many of you are getting your mail dropped from airplanes in the sky? It has been a long time since I got that" - Pappu at CII
"I happen to come from a chain of people" - Pappu at CII
"It is difficult to stop every terrorist attack, we can only stop 99% of them"
"China is referred to as the 'dragon' and India as an 'elephant'. But we are not an elephant, we are a 'beehive'" - Pappu at CII
"Hindustan ek soch hai. Hindustan ek jagah hai….magar Hindustan ek soch hai." - Pappu at a rally in Punjab

Testimonials for Pappu

"Prime Minister ko kam se kam file pe note likhna toh aana chahiye, Pappu ko toh woh bhi nahi aata" - Ram Jethmalani
"Uski education kya hai, experience kya hai? That man knows nothing!" - Ram Jethmalani
"Pappu should tell what books has he read in last five years, or has he any?" - Ram Jethmalani
"Where has he (Pappu) received his degree from?" - Ram Jethmalani
"Election commission asks everyone to disclose their financial assets, for Pappu, they should ask him to declare the intellectual assets" - Ram Jethmalani
"Have you ever heard any single quotable quote from him in 5-7 years so far?" - Ram Jethmalani
"Pappu is dumb and drug addict" - Subramanian Swamy
"Uska actual naam toh Buddhu hai, aaj tak koi exam pass nahi kiya usne" - Subramanian Swamy
"Pappu is an Amul baby" - Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthananadan
"Pappu was arrested/detained by the FBI at the BOSTON Airport in September 2001. He was carrying with you $ 1,60,000 in Cash”
“Pappu’s only achievement is that he had a Columbian girlfriend Veronique Cartelli, allegedly, the Daughter of Drug Mafia"
“Pappu was born in the Gandhi family, and that was the peak of his career”
“Pappu got into Harvard on donation, once there he worked soooo hard that he managed to get kicked out within 3 months”

Yo Pappu So Dumb

The bank sends Pappu a mail, ‘Your payments are outstanding’. He replies: ‘thanks for the compliment’ #YoPappuSoDumb
#YoPappuSoDumb ... that he removed RAM from his laptop for secular reasons!
How do u keep Pappu busy 24/7? Give him a blank page with PTO written on both sides. #YoPappuSoDumb
#YoPappuSoDumb that whenever or wherever Dumb Charades is played, he gets royalties.
Pappu words make Manmohan Singh's silence look like a stroke of genius. #YoPappuSoDumb
#YoPappuSoDumb he sleeps with a scale to measure how long he has slept."
#YoPappuSoDumb that at the family table, Robert Vadra is called the smart one
#YoPappuSoDumb that when his fitness coach told him "lift the dumbbell" he just lifted a bell
#YoPappuSoDumb he thinks Jawaharlal built "Mount Everest" in memory of Mrs. Mountbatten
#YoPappuSoDumb that he took 18 of his friends to a movie because the poster said 'Above 18 only'

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Pappu is dumb and drug addict - Subramanian Swamy

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Pappu is an Amul baby

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